via Daily Prompt: Heal

When I think of healing my mind presses hard upon the need to have a “pull back day.” In my senior years, I find myself looking forward to a day or two when I no outside commitments. A time when I can rest, read and attempt to write. Today was especially solum as I wrote the date, April 8th, in my journal and realized that it was 60 years ago today that my mother passed away. For many years, I have paused on this day and revisit her death with an attitude of sadness as if her death has been unfinished business. Much like a wound or illness requiring some type of restoration. Like a need to heal.

Today, before I became too self-absorbed, I was reminded that my mother died in childbirth. She died giving birth to a set of twins, one stillborn and one live birth. This means that I needed to wish my youngest sister “happy birthday.” So, I did. Maybe one day I will be able to hear her share what types of things come to mind for her on April 8th. I hope that we will one day heal another to talk about the separate paths that the death of our mom set us on. I want us to heal enough to talk about how our mom’s ending was also a beginning, for my youngest sister and for the rest of my four (4) siblings. We were all adopted out and lived apart. It has been as adults that we have tried to bond and restore our connection as siblings. We still have ways to go.


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