First blog post

Memories2Awareness is about learning to treasure your life’s journey in ways that bring inspiration to yourself and to others.  I have started writing my memoir numerous times and always get sidetracked by another person’s request for assistance with things that are near and dear to them and their well-being. This is a good thing but over the years, I am feeling more out of spiritual balance maintaining that level of focus on service and begin challenging my own self about – “What do I really feel passionate about?” In response to my question, I want to create and participate in learning communities. I retired 2014 and continue pressing my way out of  the revolving approach to life that provided incentives for me to do my work in a corporate setting or as a nonprofit leader or in the profession of an ordained clergy. I look forward to making reflective inquiry an evolving light that brings peace to where I have been and wonderful challenges to fuel future opportunities to inspire and be inspired.


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